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Message from our President

School life is a wonderful and meaningful period in life. It is the formative period where young minds are to be trained to develop a thirst for knowledge and desire for excellence. The world today is quite challenging for the budding minds. Today's children are to be empowered with logical reasoning and skeptical views so that they are able tackle the challenging situations in life. Let us inspire our children to be virtuous with the strength of exemplary character and imbibe the sense of brotherhood.

Education needs to foster the essential human qualities and help the learners to develop a positive attitude towards life. Our school provides a unique atmosphere where children of different nationalities share the campus and class rooms makes a world in itself where they forget about the geographical barriers and learn the lessons of caring, sharing, mutual respect and tolerance.

It gives me a great satisfaction as the last few years have been a period of creditable achievement for the school. It has been a tenure of careful planning, hard work and determination. It is a dream come true for the Indians residing in Sur that we are able to provide our growing generation a spacious school building with all the necessary facilities. We channel our efforts to gain a brighter level of development .

There are miles to go….. We strive hard to reach out the heights.

Message from our Principal

Each school has its own character, its own distinct and identifiable 'personality.' The Indian School-Sur provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential .

All children are born equal - some just have greater opportunities. To create equal opportunities for all without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status remains our guiding principle.

We believe in creativity, innovation and development to the fullest. Your little ones are our treasures and we find ourselves fortunate to serve them from the age group of 4 -16 . When they enter the world, our confidence in their contribution to society is total. We give them strong roots and stronger wings to fly the world over carrying the message of " Knowledge is Power".

In addition, the school aims at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating an understanding and appreciation of India's rich culture, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty , a strong secular ethos, leadership with a sense of team work and fair play ,an awareness of the environment, a concern for the less fortunate ,a concern for human rights , a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure in realizing its mission.

To prepare your children for the 21st Century we are carving their destinies in our classrooms. They in turn will carve the destiny of the nation when the time is ripe.

Best Wishes !!!

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