Muscat Science Fest, Science Project Contest 2023













Congratulations💐👏🏻👏🏻💐 to the winning teams which took part in the in Muscat Science Fest, Science Project Contest 2023, held on 5th and 6th May in Al Amirat Park, as a part of Indian Social Club community festival.

Two teams of the five which participated in it has bagged the 1st and 2nd prize respectively.

1st prize – RO.1000 & Gift hamper
1. Srihari Pradeep XI A
2. Aswath Sridhar XI A
3. Raiesa Fathima XI A
4. Prisha Yadav XI A
Guide Teacher – Mr Salagram Sharma, PGT Physics

2nd prize – RO. 750 & Gift hamper
1. Aryan Bhatia IX B
2. Eshanth Kumar X A
3. Shreyas Srinivasan X A
4. Abishek VIII A
Guide Teacher – Dr. N. Sujatha, PGT Biology

Congratulations👏🏻💐 to all the participants for their efforts and enthusiastic involvement

1. Janaki IX B
2. Dharmik XI A
3. Amaan XI A
4. Malik IX A
5. Md Hamood IX A
6. Vansh IX A
7. Demira VII
8. Rida Jawid XI A
9. Abhinav VIII

Hearty congratulations👏🏻 and thanks to the parents and teachers who have supported the students to take part in this competition.🎊

5 teams from INDIAN SCHOOL SUR were selected among 170 participants all over OMAN who had registered for the competition.

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