1. The School admits both boys and girls irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. Though the School is primarily intended for the children of parents holding Indian passports, Non-Indians are also admitted depending upon the availability of seats. The Non-Indians have to produce NOC from their respective Embassy for registration and also give an undertaking with the Registration Form. All pupils have to follow the curriculum prescribed by the school. 
  2. The parents seeking admission for their ward should submit the prescribed application form online which is available in the school website ( Interactive session / admission test will be conducted for students from schools other than the CBSE affiliated.
  3. For admission to L.K.G., a child should have completed 3 ½ years, to U.K.G. 4 ½ years and to Class I, 5½ years as on June 30, 2021. A corresponding minimum age limit is fixed for successive classes. 
  4. No pupil will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended and the same must be duly signed by the education officer of the area.
  5. In no case shall a student be permitted to attend class without formal admission. 
  6. A candidate at the time of admission must produce an official birth certificate or a copy of the passport as evidence of the date of birth.
  7. Documents to be submitted at the time of admission:


  1. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE: Transfer Certificate should be issued only under the signatures of the regular Principal /Vice-Principal and it should be countersigned by an Officer not below the rank of District Inspector of Schools /Deputy Director of Education / Education Officer of the Education Department of the State / Union Territory concerned. In case of a student migrating from a CBSE affiliated School, the schools shall mention in the Transfer Certificate AFFILIATED TO THE CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION below the name and address of the school along with the Affiliation Code No. [Applicable for the admission to Class II to XII only] 
  2. A copy of fee paid receipt.
  3. Two recent passport size photographs of the child. [For all classes] 
  4. Photocopy of child’s passport and parent’s passport with its first page, visa page and last page and copies of Resident Card. [For all classes] 
  5. Copy of the last Progress Report issued by the previous school. [For classes II onwards] 
  6. Photocopy of Immunization record of the child. 
  7. In addition to the above for Non-Indian Students, should submit the 
  • NOC from the respective Embassy 
  • Undertaking by the parent (will be given from school) h. If any document is found invalid, admission will be cancelled without any explanation. 

NOTE :  Kindly submit a photocopy of the passport, visa and the resident card of the student and parents to the class teacher whenever you renew, to update the records in the personal files



  1. Application for withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the Principal. 
  2. A calendar months’ notice is to be given before the withdrawal or else fee will be charged. 
  3. Transfer certificate will be issued only if all dues to the school have been paid in full. 
  4. For duplicate of any extract or any additional certificate on demand from the school register R O. 1.000 will be charged

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