KG Graduation Day 2021-22

Indian School Sur, organized graduation day on 28th March 2022 for the outgoing batch of UKG 2021-2022. Mrs. Shejitha Ameen, wife of Mr. Mohammed Ameen, President, School Management Committee, Indian School Sur, Chairman & CEO of Sea Pride LLC and Mrs. Jusaira Saeed, wife of Adv. T.P Saeed, Treasurer, School Management Committee, Indian School Sur, Partner Al-Fouz group of supermarkets were the special guests of the event. This was the first non-virtual in person event conducted by the school for children of age less than six category after the global pandemic and the programme received exciting reception from both the parents and kids alike. The convocation also proved to be a worthy platform for teachers to express their thoughts and feelings on the challenges which they sailed over during the pandemic for effectively transacting the lessons to tenderfoot young learners. Mast. Sreedev Pradeep, Mast. Abdul Rahman, Miss Habeeba and Mast. Sahithyan gave wonderful expressions of their kindergarten journey as each of them presented a delightful speech thanking parents, teachers and support staff. The stage was lit by the charming dance of a group of LKG students as a tribute to the outgoing kindergarten batch. Mrs. Wala Bdelmohimen, Mr. Saravanan, Mr. Mohammed Shabeeb and Mrs. Anju Mathai, representing parents expressed their happiness and congratulated the whole teaching community for stepping up to the novel educational needs raised by the virtual classrooms. The special guests of the occasion Mrs. Shejitha Amin and Mrs. Jusaira conferred certificates and party favor gifts to the former kindergartners which was followed by a photo session. Principal, Dr. S Srinivasan addressed the gathering with warm greetings and spoke about the importance of school life, the values to carry forward, knowledge to impart and the duties to fulfill. He thanked the parents for their excessive support during the online class sessions. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mast. Chris Dawn of UKG. 

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