Club Inauguration

Indian School Sur witnessed a momentous occasion on Saturday, May 11, 2024, as it embarked on a journey of cultural enrichment and educational exploration with the inauguration of a diverse array of club activities and Tamil language classes. This landmark event, characterized by grandeur and enthusiasm, saw the convergence of esteemed dignitaries, faculty members, and eager students, all poised to embrace the opportunities for growth and learning.

The proceedings commenced with a warm welcome extended by Dr. Pradeep R V, Head of the English Department, who emphasized the profound significance of the day in enhancing the educational landscape of the school.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with the esteemed presence of Mr. Jami Srinivasa Rao, President of the School Management Committee, and esteemed SMC members Mr. Pradeep Kumar A V, Dr. Ramkumar Lakshminarayanan, Mr. Shabeeb Mohammed, Mrs. Nishreen Basheer, and Mr. Pramod, bearing witness, thus underlining the students’ commitment to their respective clubs. Following this, the club in-charges of the Arts Club, Debate Club, Eco Nature Club, Gavel Club, IT Club, Math Club, MUN Club, Music Club, Photography Club, Reading Club, and Science Club passionately presented the objectives and visions of their respective clubs, setting the tone for a journey of exploration and creativity.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Yaqoub Ibrahim Ismail Al Farsi, Head of Training and Career Guidance Center, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Sur, Sultanate of Oman, whose distinguished career, and relentless commitment to education have been a beacon of inspiration. As Chief Guest, Mr. Yaqoub, accompanied by other dignitaries, inaugurated the clubs and Tamil classes, symbolizing a significant milestone in the school’s pursuit of growth and enrichment. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Yaqoub expressed his delight in witnessing the vibrant performances of the students across various clubs, emphasizing the pivotal role that extracurricular activities play in shaping their holistic development. He stressed the importance of clubs in nurturing talent, fostering togetherness, and instilling invaluable life skills in the students.

Dr. Ramkumar Lakshminarayanan, a member of SMC, took the stage to deliver an address, shedding light on the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. Dr. Ramkumar’s insightful speech resonated deeply with the audience, further invigorating the atmosphere with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Dr. S Srinivasan, principal Indian School Sur administered the club oath for the club participants. Dr. S Srinivasan in his address underscored the profound importance of both club activities and Tamil language classes in enriching the educational experience of the students. Dr. Srinivasan eloquently articulated how these initiatives would not only enhance academic learning but also foster cultural appreciation and diversity within the school community, thus laying the foundation for a more inclusive and vibrant learning environment.

The inauguration of Tamil classes was marked by a symbolic gesture as Mr. Yaqoub Ibrahim Ismail Al Farsi handed over Tamil resource materials to faculty members Mrs. Pushkala Srinivasan and Mrs. Asiya Nuzaiba, entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing Tamil language education at Indian School Sur. This auspicious moment was followed by the distribution of badges to club secretaries and assistant secretaries, emblematic of their pivotal roles in guiding their respective clubs.

A captivating showcase of club activities provided a glimpse into the dynamic and vibrant offerings awaiting the students, setting the stage for a year filled with exploration and growth. The ceremony reached its crescendo with enthralling performances, including a group song and dance, which not only celebrated environmental conservation but also showcased the rich cultural heritage of the community.

In closing, Mr. Jagath Krishnan, English faculty member, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all involved, acknowledging their collective efforts in making the event a resounding success, thereby setting the stage for a future filled with promise and opportunity.

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