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The Annual Scouts and Guides gathering, held from February 16th to February 17th at Indian School Sur, was a resounding success, offering enriching activities and cultivating personal growth among participants.

The event commenced with the traditional hoisting of the flag, followed by prayers and flag songs, setting a solemn and patriotic tone conducive to the spirit of the occasion.

Highlights of the program included diverse contributions from students, showcasing their talents and perspectives. Logistical organization was efficiently managed with rooms allocated on a patrol-wise basis, promoting brotherliness and teamwork. Recreational activities like dodgeball and cultural enrichment sessions allowed participants to showcase their talents, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual appreciation.

Evening gatherings around a campfire facilitated storytelling and cultural performances, enhancing the sense of community among participants.

The second day commenced with physical exercises led by the physical education teacher, preparing participants for outdoor activities like trekking. Educational sessions on first aid and personal hygiene, led by knowledgeable staff members, equipped children with valuable life skills applicable to outdoor adventures and daily life.

Dr. S. Srinivasan, Principal of Indian School Sur, gave mementoes as a token of appreciation to the staff of Badr Al Sama Hospital, Sur, for their contribution to the camp, emphasizing the importance of their support in ensuring the success and safety of the event.

Creative activities like art out of waste and greeting card making nurtured imagination and environmental awareness among participants.


Assessment and recognition through patrol inspections and a prize distribution ceremony celebrated achievements, encouraging responsibility and accountability.

The camp concluded with a flag lowering ceremony, leaving participants with a sense of fulfillment and anticipation for future adventures.

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