“Indian School Sur Celebrates 77th Independence Day with a Spectacular Showcase of Unity in Diversity”

The school premises of Indian School Sur came alive with fervor and patriotism as the institution celebrated the 77th Independence Day with an unforgettable event. The Chief Guest of the occasion, Mr. Harith Mohammed Ali Al Sulti, Assistant Director of Sur Municipality, graced the event with his presence, accompanied by  President of the School Management Committee, Mr. Jami Srinivas Rao, and SMC members Mr. Pradeep Kumar. A V and Mrs. Nishreen Basheer.

The celebration resonated with the theme of unity in diversity, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian culture and heritage. The event commenced with a solemn invocation, followed by an inspiring portrayal of various freedom fighters by the primary students. Poem recitations in different languages from across India added a touch of linguistic diversity, underscoring the nation’s unity.

A captivating speech highlighting the significance of Independence Day, delivered proficiently in both English and Hindi, captured the audience’s attention. The atmosphere swelled with patriotism as a CCA group song competition filled the air with resonating melodies of patriotism. A captivating mime performance vividly showcased India’s remarkable achievements, while an energetic group dance infused the gathering with a sense of national pride.

The pinnacle of the event arrived with the distribution of prizes and medals by the Chief Guest to meritorious students who excelled in Olympiad competitions and achieved A+ grades in various CCA programs. This recognition served as a testament to their dedication and academic prowess.

The guidance of Dr. S Srinivasan, Principal, Indian School Sur ensured a seamless and memorable celebration that resonated with all attendees. The entire school community, including parents, teachers, students, and staff members, reveled in the spirited festivities, creating an atmosphere of unity and pride.

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