Mission Life Awareness Week: Fostering Sustainable Living

Indian School Sur responded to the Embassy of India’s call to participate in the “Mission LiFE” initiative, a campaign advocating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle based on tradition and conservation, aligning with the seven core themes: Save Energy, Save Water, Say No to Single Use Plastic, Reduce E-Waste, Adopt Sustainable Food, Reduce Waste, and Adopt Healthy Lifestyles. Commencing on August 13, 2023, the week-long awareness drive witnessed a multitude of activities fostering environmental consciousness.

Students of classes 11 and 12 led a presentation that delved into water pollution and single-use plastic’s detrimental effects. Their discussions centered on the environmental impact of water pollution and improper plastic disposal, proposing remedies to counter these challenges. Class 5 students championed sustainable food systems, orchestrating a campaign on organic farming. Practical engagement with plant pots and organic manure elucidated the significance of such practices.

The students not only highlighted the challenges posed by these issues but also went a step further by proposing viable remedies to address these challenges. They showcased a strong commitment to environmental preservation by suggesting practical and impactful measures that could be adopted to counter water pollution and limit the use of single-use plastic. The emphasis was on fostering a sense of responsibility among their peers and the larger community to actively participate in conserving natural resources and safeguarding the environment.

In alignment with healthy living, class 6 students embarked on a discussion about nutritious dietary habits, contrasting with the adverse effects of junk food. Meanwhile, students of classes 9 and 10 undertook comprehensive presentations addressing diverse topics. These encompassed water and energy conservation, E-waste reduction, plastic avoidance, sustainable food systems, and the essence of a healthy lifestyle.

Classes 3 and 4 manifested awareness through role-play. They showcased the importance of conserving resources by spotlighting energy and water conservation, urging the use of LED bulbs and shutting off appliances when not in use. They championed water preservation, avoiding wastage by turning off taps. The role-play also echoed the necessity of rejecting single-use plastic and embracing reusable alternatives. Moreover, it encouraged preferring locally available and seasonal foods over unhealthy options.

An insightful skit on August 17 accentuated the importance of resource conservation. The skits highlighted water’s vitality in sustaining life and the need to conserve energy through simple practices. The role-play underscored the far-reaching impacts of resource wastage, prompting responsible actions.

on August 20, a remarkable addition to the program occurred when a group of students from classes 7 and 8 conducted an awareness campaign under the banner of the “Mission LiFE” program. This campaign emphasized practical steps for energy conservation, water saving, E-waste reduction, abstaining from single-use plastics, and embracing healthy living habits. The students collectively pledged to safeguard the environment and conducted a diverse array of activities, including power point presentations, bilingual recitations, speeches on water conservation, and an enlightening quiz on the “Mission LiFE” initiative.

In culmination, the Mission LiFE Awareness Programme witnessed remarkable engagement from both the dedicated educators and enthusiastic students of Indian School Sur. The active participation of the students, ranging from classes 2 to 12, showcased their eagerness to embrace responsible living and nurture a greener world. Through insightful presentations, role plays, and hands-on campaigns, the participants demonstrated their commitment to addressing pressing environmental concerns, such as water pollution, single-use plastic, and sustainable food systems. This collective effort not only educated but also inspired a generation to tread the path of responsible stewardship and preservation of our precious planet. The involvement of the teachers and students exemplifies their dedication to fostering environmentally aware and socially responsible individuals, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.

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