Parent’s Games Day


In an exuberant display of athletic prowess and strategic finesse, Indian School Sur recently hosted the highly anticipated Parent’s Games Day 2023. A testament to the school’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and healthy competition, the event brought together parents, educators, and students for a day filled with spirited sportsmanship. During the initial morning session, the contests were supervised by honored School Management Committee (SMC) members, Mr. Jami Srinivasa Rao, President, Dr. Ramkumar, Convener, and Mr. Pradeep, Convener. Their participation infused a level of administrative sophistication into the proceedings, guaranteeing the seamless orchestration of the event and highlighting the unwavering dedication of the school’s leadership to the triumphant execution of the Parent’s Games Day.

In the realm of Carroms, an ancient game that combines elements of strategy and precision, Mr. Prasanth Nalambreth emerged as the undisputed champion in the men’s category. On the women’s front, Dr. P. V. Khan claimed the champions title as she demonstrated an extraordinary command of the Carroms board.

In the cerebral arena of chess, where every move is a calculated decision, Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Adda stood tall as the victor in the men’s category. The women’s Chess category witnessed a masterclass from Mrs. Ilakkiya Saravanan, her tactical finesse and the ability to foresee her opponent’s moves propelled her in securing her a place among the distinguished winners of the day.

In the spirited domain of men’s volleyball, a team of exceptional athletes emerged as champions. Comprising Imran M, Naveen Nagayolla, Dibya Ranjan, Vinoth Ravichandran, Elayarajan, Nirmal Kumar, Varghese Jhon, Anu Roy Jose, and the multi-talented Prasanth Nalambreth, the team showcased unparalleled teamwork, skill, and determination. Their triumph illuminated the court, adding another layer of excitement to an already electric atmosphere. The women’s Throwball competition was equally thrilling, with a team of exceptional athletes securing the top honors. Ruby Kahkashan, Gayatri Elayarajan, Jyoti Bhatia, Yogita Chaudhary, Maneesha Gangwar, Vasantha Jothi, Shaista Anjum, and Saltanat Karnani formed a formidable unit that demonstrated prowess and teamwork on the court. Their victory added to the diverse tapestry of achievements on this memorable day.

As the final matches concluded and the champions were crowned, the closing ceremony unfolded into a spectacle of joy, pride, and recognition. The esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Jami Srinivasa Rao, President of the SMC, extended his congratulations to the winners and expressed his gratitude for the vibrant display of sportsmanship. Principal Dr. S. Srinivasan, in his role as overseer, encapsulated the ethos of the event, emphasizing its role in fostering a sense of community and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The success of the Parent’s Games Day 2023 at Indian School Sur serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic development. Beyond the realms of academia, events like these underscore the significance of physical well-being, strategic thinking, and community engagement.

As the echoes of the closing ceremony fade away, the Indian School Sur community looks forward to future editions of the Parent’s Games Day, anticipating more moments of triumph, camaraderie, and the celebration of the indomitable spirit that unites parents, educators, and students in their shared journey of growth and learning.


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