Republic Day Celebration

Indian School Sur commemorated India’s 75th Republic Day with fervor and enthusiasm on the 26th of January 2024. The event, marked by a delightful celebration, served as a tribute to India’s historic transition into an independent republic, a significant milestone etched in the annals of history with the enactment of its Constitution.

The celebration commenced with a floral welcome extended to the Chief Guests, Mr. Waleed Khamis Al-Najashi, Head of Operations at Nama Electricity Distribution Company, South Sharqiyah region and Mr Ifthikar Ali Khan, Director Operations, OMIFCO. Their notable contributions to the community were acknowledged with a token of appreciation, symbolized by a bouquet of flowers. Mr. Jami Srinivas Rao, President SMC, Mr. Pradeep Kumar A V, Mr. Shabeeb Mohammed, and Mrs. Nishreen Basheer esteemed SMC members, and Dr Pradeep, former member of the school management committee were among the other dignitaries.

The program featured a soul-stirring prayer led by the choir team, invoking a moment of reflection and gratitude, followed by the rendition of national anthems of India and Oman, signifying unity and reverence.

A series of engaging activities unfolded, including a Hindi Role Play portraying patriotic leaders, an English speech reflecting on the resilience and unity of the nation, a group song resonating with the patriotic spirit of the day, A poignant Hindi speech highlighted the significance of Republic Day, emphasizing its role in uniting the nation through language and shared history. The event also featured a fanciful pageant depicting the lineage of Presidents of India and a captivating skit encapsulating the essence of the Republic Day celebrations. The cultural extravaganza, hosted by the students portrayed the rich woven masterpiece of India’s heritage and the spirit of unity and pride among the students of Indian School Sur.

The Cultural and Co-curricular Activities (CCA) Prize Distribution ceremony recognized the talents of students across various categories, with prizes presented by the Chief Guests, President SMC, Members of the School Management Committee, and former SMC member.

The programme concluded with the presentation of a memento to the Chief Guests, Mr. Waleed Khamis Al-Najashi and Mr Ifthikar Ali Khan, as a token of love and appreciation. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts of participants, teachers, and staff members in making the celebration a resounding success.

The celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day at Indian School Sur was indeed a memorable and joyous occasion, underscoring the school’s commitment to nurturing a sense of patriotism and cultural pride among its students.

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