Indian School Sur celebrated this year’s teacher’s day on two occasions. First, a studentdirected celebration was held at Indian School Sur, paying tribute to teachers on 5th September, the birth anniversary of our former president Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Second, an exclusive programme hosted by SMC honouring teachers of both Indian School Sur and Indian School Jalan was held at Indian School Jalan.



































Teachers’ Day Celebration at Indian School Sur 22-23

A day to honour teachers and their hard work and commitment are always special for the student community. It is an opportunity for students to celebrate their teachers who have shown them the way from kindergarten classes to the present individual each student has become. Like all teacher’s days, this teacher’s day was special to ISS students. The program started with the senior students taking an hour of class for the respective junior classes assigned to them. The teacher’s day celebration of ISS was entirely directed by the students and proved to be a visual treat for the spectators. The program started with a prayer by the school choir team. The prayer was followed by a speech by Miss. Janaki of class X shares
her experience growing up in a family of teachers. Students of classes IX and X presented a fusion dance, which won the audience’s applause. The next performance was a selfcomposed original song by students of classes X and IX as a tribute to all teachers. Classes IX and XI performed a cinematic dance on stage, lighting the stage with energy and excitement. The skit played by class XI students portrayed real-life classroom fun on stage while also displaying the greatness of the noble teaching profession. The energetic and peppy dance steps of class XII students teeming with the exuberance of youth, caught the eye of every spectator. Principal Dr. S Srinivasan addressed the gathering after the cultural programme and congratulated the senior students for putting up such a spectacular program within a short period spent on planning and preparation. The principal also told the students that parents are a child’s first teacher and the position of the guru is greater than god according to the Indian belief system. The program was hosted by Miss. Kareena Karnani of class XII and Miss. Shahala of class XI. Miss. Samiya of XB proposed the vote of thanks. The program was a reflection of the love, gratitude and sincerity the student community has for the teachers of this institution.

Teachers’ Day Celebration at Indian School Jalan 22-23





























Teacher’s Day Celebration at Indian School Jalan was an exclusive programme hosted by SMC honouring teachers of both Indian School Sur and Indian School Jalan on 09-09-22, Saturday. The program started at 5:30 PM at the indoor auditorium of Indian School Jalan. The SMC members of both the schools and the staff members of Indian School Sur and Jalan were present for the program. The principals of ISS Sur and ISS Jalan, Dr. S.
Srinivasan and Mr. Mohanan Pulasseri, welcomed the gathering. Dr. Srinivasan presided over the program, and the chief guest was Mr. Mohammed Ameen, President SMC and CEO of Sea Pride LLC. The program was made vibrant by various cultural programs presented by the teachers of both schools. The SMC honoured teachers from both schools, completing twenty-five, twenty, fifteen and ten years of invaluable service to the

The following teachers of Indian School Sur were honoured with momento by the SMC for their long service to the institution. Mrs. Jolly Dileep of Mathematics Department for completing 25 years of service, Mrs. Praseetha Radhakrishnan of Science Department and Mrs. Smitha Ashok Kumar of Hindi Department for their 20 years of service, Mrs. Baby Sarala, HoD of Science Department, Mrs. Rema K Prasad, HoD of Social Science
Department, Mr. Jamil Obaid Ali Al-Mashrafi, Driver and Ms. Jamila Said Fayal AlMukhaini, Assistant, KG Section for their 15years of service, Mrs. Anees Fathima and Mrs. Asiya Alaudeen of English Department, Mrs. Khaloud Mubarak Khamiz Mubarak Al-Jamaai and Mr. K Subramanian, Office Assistant for their 10 years of service.

The following teachers were also honoured by the SMC for their voluntary service in the renovation work conducted at Indian School Sur during the summer vacation. Mrs. Praseetha Radhakrishnan and Mrs. Parvathy Vijay of the Science Department, Mrs. Tesenimol of the English Department and Mrs. Aswathy of the Physical Education Department.
Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the following coordinators for the academic year 2022-2023. Mrs. Sheeja for Kindergarten, Mrs. Parvathy Vijay for Class I, Mrs. Tesnimol for Class II, Mrs. Jolly Dileep for Class III, Mrs. Praseetha Radhakrishnan for Class IV, Mrs Teresa Ruby Gomes for Class V, Mrs. Sunaina Moosa for Classes VI and VII, Dr. Sujatha Natrajan for Class VIII, Mrs. Smitha Ashok Kumar for Classes IX
and X, Mrs. Sonia Sharma for Class XI, Mrs. Saumya Suvarna for Class XII and Mrs. Rukmini Panicker, Examination in-charge.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mrs Pushkala Srinivasan and Mrs Teresa Gomes for their exemplary work in coordinating the Co-curricular activities in the digital mode during the stressful COVID-19 pandemic period in the academic year 2021-22. The CCAs engaged the children, exposed them to new skills and learning opportunities, and helped them adapt and innovate to create meaningful learning experiences.

Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the following teachers for producing outstanding academic results in the CBSE examinations 2022-23. Mrs. Jeny Prakash of Computer Science Department for AISSCE (Class XII) 2022. Mr. Mohamed Anwar of the Arabic Department and Mrs. Deepa Madhavan Pillai of the Malayalam Department for AISSE (Class X) 2022.A special lucky raffle contest was conducted for all school staff members and SMC members. All teachers were honoured by presenting a two-gram gold coin for the service rendered to the institution and community. In his address, Mr. Pradeep, Academic chair, SMC, reflected on the need to develop improved 21st-century professional skills among teachers. Mr. Ameen, in his presidential speech, thanked the entire teaching community for their tireless effort in upbringing a responsible generation of young citizens all set to be the torchbearers of a developing society. Mr. Ameen also said that clubbing the resources of ISS and ISJ would yield better results in the future.






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